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Second only to walking on water is swimming on land.

The Physical Exercise Equipment industry generates 30 billion dollars per year world wide. One half or 15 billion dollars per year is spent on treadmills. If the DrySwim Trainer captures only 10 percent of that retread treadmill market, then the DrySwim Trainer will have created a 1.5 billion dollar industry. The DrySwim Trainer will have also created an entire new category of exercise machine. The DrySwim Trainer is the solution to everyone who ever wanted to swim, learn to swim or exercise swimming with or without water.

The DrySwim Trainer is also the solution, the final leg in the Tri-athlete and open water swimmer. The DrySwim Trainer fits right next to the stationary bike and treadmill in your home or at your local health club, swim club or triathlon club.

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