Dry Swim Triathlon

Gannon of Fairfield Ct missing a shoe finishing the running leg of the triathlon. Gannon swims for the Westport Water Rats and uses the dryswim trainer to train for his triathlon events.

Gannon uses the dryswim trainer for his swimming and triathlon events when he competes around the country.

The swimming leg for most tri-athletes is usually the most demanding, especially if the athlete has no former swimming experience. The main reason for this problem is lack of experience in competitive or open water swimming, access availability to pools and water, time constraints to get to and back from a pool, and lack of access to proper coaching and instruction. The DrySwim Trainer is the solution for all triathlon athletes and competitors.

You can’t swim wrong on the DrySwim Trainer. It’s patented design forces the tri-athlete to conform to the proper body position and there for a foundation to train properly and exercise correctly using the correct technique necessary to pace smoothly without exerting unneeded energy.

You can’t swim wrong on the DrySwim Trainer. The DrySwim Trainer conforms to the natural and desired body rotation to maintain a steady pace while teaching tri-athlets to conserve energy and swim with ‘the body’ and not just the ‘arms and legs’. If you want to Slash Five To Ten Minutes Off Your Triathlon Race Time I recommend Another method training: They criticized Mark Spitz for his “strange form” that led him to several gold medals in the ’72 Olympics… Could it be that he knew something they didn’t? Could it be that some triathletes know his secret?

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