Dry Swim Diversity

The sport of swimming has been limited to minorities and inner city kids since competitive swimming began. Because swimming favors early learning many kids are denied the opportunity to even test if they could be good at the sport. I believe the DrySwim Trainer could act as that bridge from the inner city into the swimming race.

Access to swimming pools and professional coaching and instruction has always been limited to the inner city kid. The DrySwim Trainer does not require water to learn competitive swimming. It’s patented design insures the best instruction and coaching posible.

I believe that the DrySwim Trainer can act as a bridge from the inner city into the pools.

This also reflects what Coach Ellis said in an interview with SwimmingWorld TV: “You can be anything that you wanna be if you strive for it and work for it. If you set a goal, work for it as a goal, you can achieve it.” These are words of encouragement for everyone; not only for Black kids but all minorities who ever thought they couldn’t do it or feel they don’t fit because they come from a different race, a misunderstood sector of society or a minority group.

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