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Invented by Swim Coach James Davis and Chief Engineer Paul Dowd, The DrySwim Trainer and Exerciser is the first truly ergonomic exercise machine for swimmers. The DrySwim Trainer conforms to the natural and desired body rotation to maintain a steady pace while conserving energy and swimming with ‘the body’ and not just the ‘arms and legs’.

The DrySwim Trainer is a floor model and used without water. There is nothing that you can do in the water that you can’t do on the DrySwimTrainer. You can train distance or sprints. You can do long workouts or short ones. You can do drills including “the catch up” or “single arm drills”. In fact, swimming on The DrySwim Trainer burns more fat then swimming the same workout in the water.

Swimming with ‘the body’ is a universal consistent scientific principle understood through-out all of sports. Everything from hitting a golf ball to throwing a baseball or kicking a soccer ball requires the body to rotate along the center(long)axis of the body running from the top of the head, down the spine and to end of the toes. This rotational axis acts as the power source of every swim stroke.

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